Alternative Dispute Resolution

Fee Structure

International & Domestic Mediation (Consultation Per Hour)
Total : 10000/- INR

International & Domestic Mediation

What is Mediation

Mediation is one of the methods of Alternative dispute resolution. The process involves a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party. A Mediator helps the disputing parties to bridge their differences and reach a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute. The unpredictable business conflict can disrupt the business of a company and a timely settlement of the dispute is crucial for any organization at White Code. Our team of expert mediators provides an effective alternative to protracted litigation.

Mediation is a globally accepted method of dispute resolution in a variety of disputes such as Divorce cases, Money suits, injection suits, suits for damages, partition suits, IPR related claims, etc. Mediation has been used to remove complex national and international policy problems and conflicts.

The essential characteristics of mediation are highlighted below:

  1. Mediation is an extension of the parties' own efforts to manage their conflict. Where they fail, a third party (mediator) is called in.
  2. Thus, mediation involves the intervention of an outsider; an individual, a group, or an organization into a conflict between two states or other actors.
  3. This intervention is non-coercive, non-violent, and ultimately non-binding.
  4. Mediators enter a conflict, whether internal or international, in order to affect it, change it, resolve it, modify or influence it in some way. Their overriding interest is to reduce violence and achieve a peaceful outcome.
  5. Mediators bring with them, consciously or otherwise, ideas, knowledge, resources, and prestige. These are used throughout the process to advance the cause of conflict resolution.
  6. Mediation is a voluntary form of conflict management. This means the adversaries in an intractable conflict choose whether to begin or continue mediation or not, and they retain their control over the outcome (if not always over the process) of their conflict, as well as their freedom to accept or reject any aspects of the process of the ultimate agreement.
  7. Mediation operates on an ad hoc basis only. Once completed, a mediator departs the arena of the conflict.


How it works:

  1. Request for a Mediation
  2. Get a Mediator appointed 
  3. Commencement of proceedings
  4. Submission of statement of parties 
  5. Possible terms of the settlement
  6. Mediation Agreement 

Advantages of Mediation:

  1. Consensual 
  2. Neutral
  3. Cost-effective 
  4. Confidential
  5. All parties can negotiate the terms
  6. Creates a win-win situation 
  7. Timely resolution
  8. Cordial relationship

Who are the Mediators?

  1. Individuals. 
  2. States. 
  3. Institutions and Organizations. 


Service Delivery Process followed by White Code Legal:

  • The Client has to register themselves on our website.
  • Once the Client is registered, we raise a Service Request.
  • The Client receives a proforma invoice with an option to confirm and pay now or pay later.
  • Once the Client confirms, our dedicated relationship manager liaisons with our experts, and clients share a list of client information required to deliver the service.
  • Once we receive the information, we take the required steps to deliver the service and the service request is closed.


Service Inclusions

  • Professional Fees


Service Exclusions

  • GST, Government Fee, and other Additional Taxes


Why White Code Legal? 

At White Code Legal we prioritize and always strive to deliver excellence. Keeping a focus on maintaining affordable prices and delivering 100% client satisfaction we aim to make worth every penny our clients spend with us and build a lasting relationship with them.



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