We focus on delivering business value by lowering costs, augmenting staff and providing high-end work.

We offer end-to-end service from the right professionals with the right skills for each task.

Our industry acumen, working capabilities, alliances, global resources, and technology allow us to deliver competitively priced, high-quality services.

Experienced professionals available 24x7x365 with experience across all kinds of work type and specialty report.

We handle all aspects of transcription including production, QA, and transition.

100 % accuracy on all key verified work with timely delivery of the output.

Provision of output in required format with quickest turnaround time.

Cinque Terre

There are several key advantages gained by using a LPO service through us and these advantages include and not limited to the following:


Depending upon the type of legal service, a law firm or a corporate legal department could achieve as much as 30% to 80% in cost savings by outsourcing legal support work to us.


Our services are extremely cost-effective. You pay only for the information transcribed from your voice file, regardless of how lengthy it is or the time involved in transcribing it. You do not pay for interruptions such as telephone calls, photocopying, or other typical office tasks.


Rather than hire full-time or even temporary in-house support staff to deal with the ups and downs in workflow, our firms services can be utilized on an as need basis.

Furthermore, we allow a law firm or corporate legal department to tap into expertise that they may otherwise be lacking in-house.