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Brief overview on Immigration Law

The legislation that regulates immigration in a country is known as immigration law. In terms of international nationals, Immigration Law is linked to a country's nationality law, which governs citizenship issues. Immigration Law affecting a country's population is governed by international law. The general Immigration Act of 1882 imposed a fifty-cent head tax on each alien and prohibited the entry of fools, lunatics, convicts, and people who were likely to become a public nuisance. The need for additional quasi enforcement agencies arose as a result of these national immigration laws.


Our services in this area include

  • Providing guidance and recommendations on issues such as visas transactions.
  • Citizenship and immigration services
  • Deporting Issues and assistance
  • NRI Investments advice and assistance
  • Overseas Investment assistance


We, at White Code Legal, handle legal matters related to NRIs/immigration. We are well-equipped to take on the most challenging and dynamic domestic & international engagements. Our attorneys handle all immigration related litigation matters in order to ensure overall legal enforcement respectfully.