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The reserve bank of india circular on gold loan repayment

The Reserve Bank of India Circular on Gold Loan Repayment[i]     The Reserve Bank of India recently through its circular dated June 23, 2021 states that the jewellery exporters and domestic manufacturers of gold jewellery can now have the option of repaying a part of their Gold (Metal) L

  • 01 Jul 2021 237

Buying it back? buy-back of shares

An action Of a company where it buys back the share of its own company from the shareholders at market price or usually at a price that is higher than market price is considered as buyback of shares. The number of shares outstanding in the market pause when the company buys back the shares. There ar

  • 01 Jul 2021 227

Reserve bank of india circular on outsourcing policy for cooperative banks

Outsourcing Policy for Cooperative Banks[i]   The Reserve Bank of India recently, through its circular dated 28.06.2021 asked cooperative banks to ensure that outsourcing policy does not diminish the ability to fulfill its obligations to customers and Reserve Bank of India. The policy should

  • 01 Jul 2021 227

Heineken’s stake claims in united brewers limited approved by cci and its consequence

Heineken’s stake claims in United Brewers Limited approved by CCI and its consequence   Introduction   Fairtrade controller and regulator authority of India namely Competition Commission of India (CCI) issued a notification in which it was stated that it supported Heineken Worldw

  • 30 Jun 2021 225

Tata’s takeover bid for three odisha based power utilities being accepted by cci and its significance

Tata’s takeover bid for three Odisha based power utilities being accepted by CCI and its significance   Introduction   Tata Power Company’s proposed acquisition of a 51% stake each in three force utilities in Odisha has been cleared by reasonable exchange controller CCI. Th

  • 30 Jun 2021 225

Applicability of dynamic qr code on b2c invoices

Applicability of Dynamic QR Code on B2C Invoices[i] E- invoice is an electronic invoicing system under which GSTN electronically authenticates all B2B invoices. As per the Notification No. 14/2020- Central Tax, as amended by Notification No. 71/2020-Cetral Tax, a taxpayer is required to generate a

  • 30 Jun 2021 183

Automation of continual disclosures of sebi regulations, 2015 - system driven disclosures for inclusion of listed debt securities

Insider trading is an illegal way of buying or selling a security. It is generally practised in breach of a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence, on the basis of material, nonpublic information about the security. Insider trading infringements often include tipping of importa

  • 30 Jun 2021 128

Cci gives its nod for acquisition of avana tfpl by unifeeder

CCI gives its nod to the acquisition of Avana TFPL by Unifeeder   Introduction   The Competition Commission of India (CCI) supports the procurement of Avana Logistek Limited, Transworld Feeders Private Limited and Transworld Feeders FZCO by Unifeeder ISC FZCO. The proposed acquisition

  • 30 Jun 2021 173