Practice & Procedure

Practice Management

At WhiteCode Legal, we have a dedicated software for effective management and interlinking of data. All the stakeholders- be it the clients, the directors, the associates, the paralegals- are supposed to stay on the interface and compliance is ensured at all levels to assure amazing user experience. Being a centralised system with uniform procedures, it minimises the chances for any errors and ensures that our clients only pay for the best.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Client care

We understand the importance of satisfying our clients. Client care is our highest priority. At WCL, client care is not merely an internal policy matter- but a necessity based on cooperation. To achieve this goal of maximum client satisfaction, all of us at WCL are specially trained to cater to the needs of our clients while developing a friendly environment. Our defined procedures and policies ensure that uninterrupted services are provided with least hassles for the clients.


WCL hosts one of the best employee base- be it at Senior Management level, Legal department, paralegal department or any mid to low level employee. Each of them are equally important to us and together we make the firm what it is. By carefully sourcing our employees through extensive scrutiny, research and verification mechanism- we maintain high standards in our team. The team is the face of WCL and their competence speaks for ours.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre


Technology is an inseparable part of WCLs daily operations. At WCL we have a well developed internal software with client and office management system. The software are designed on our priority basis. The management systems ensure that all the data is saved online in fully encrypted form. The privacy of clients is regarded with high priority and the data is encrypted at all levels.

HR and Training

At WCL each and every resource is sourced very carefully. Utmost care and scrutiny is taken with every employee. We have a dedicated HR training and quality assurance team that provides training to all employees in their respective competencies- be it the Chairman or the Office boy. An additional training is provided to every employee at WCL- the training introduces, acquaints and makes them compliant to all WCL procedures.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

WCL Procedure Code

The question that often comes across is why a procedure code?. The answer is because we offer the best global standards. To make sure that our ethics are imbibed into our employees, we have the WCL Procedure Code a written document to guide our clients, employees and everyone who is a part of WCL.

The Client Procedure Code provides for guidelines and follow-ups- how these are to be made. It also provides the commissioning procedure as well as direct communication with the Customer Relationship Advisor.