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Brief overview on Solar, Wind & Energy

There are energy reserves which really are finite or exhaustible, such as solar energy and energy derived from earth's natural resources. These natural energy sources demand special consideration, with stringent rules and policies in these sectors. Our team of expert Attorneys or advocates represent, are well versed with the Laws and Policies governing these sectors providing legal assistance to navigate the complex Policies and Law for a long time.

Relevant Solar, Wind & Energy Laws:

  • The National Electricity Policy 2005.
  • The National Tariff Policy (NTP) 2016
  • The National Rural Electrification Policy
  • The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) Various state specific regulations and policies.
  • National Green Tribunal Act, 2010
  • Clearance as per Environmental Laws have to be taken before starting with any project for construction of immovable property