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WhiteCode Legal has taken several initiatives to assess and take responsibility to promote positive social change. Indian Peoples Force- an affiliate of WCL is extending helping hands to the victims of human rights violations, corruption and terrorism. Not only this, pro bono services are an integral part of WCL and we aim to provide equality in access of justice to all.

We, at WCL, believe in working towards a better future. Children build the edifice of this future. We believe that every child has equal right to get educated. No merit should go unrecognised for lack of resources. In furtherance of the same, we at WCL, provide scholarships for meritorious students. The idea is to provide for the education of the meritorious and underprivileged children so that no merit goes unrecognised.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre


For International Students:

International Students who are a part of professional courses will be given 25% aid in their higher education fees.

For Indian Students:

Indian Students who are a part of professional courses qualify for a total of 75% aid in their higher education fees.

The scholarships will be awarded on two criteria:

Merit : Students who have constantly maintained good grades throughout their school life and have a decent rank in their qualifying examinations shall be given preference.

Need : Students whose parents are below the poverty line or who are underprivileged, will be given due preference.