Legal Transcription Outsourcing

Legal Transcription Outsourcing

Legal Transcription involves converting recorded/dictated audios into word documents or any other specific template, as instructed by clients.

With years of combined experience in providing transcription services encompassing legal, medical and general business areas, we provide high quality transcription services at compelling rates. We have expertise in working with various types of documents including:

Legal Pleadings / Deposition Summaries

Insurance Claim Reports/ Insurance Statements

Investigative Reports

Witness Statements / Interviews

Seminars / Lectures / Speeches / Sermons

Academic / Research / Governmental

Videos, Webcasts / Webinars, Podcasts


Time-coded Transcriptions

General correspondence

We also work with legible, handwritten documents that can be sent via facsimile, for conversion to word documents.

Data entry services also available - please email us for more details and rates.

Transcription are sure to have a long-term, measurable impact on the completion and turnaround time of your workflow, as well as being a cost-effective solution for your company's transcription needs.

We treat your work as valuable and important. Each document, no matter how small or large, gets the same focused attention to detail and timely turnaround. We provide the same consistent, high quality transcription to all work products enabling us to build long-term client/customer relationships.

Additionally, you pay for only the transcription services you need, when you need them.