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Brief overview on Regulatory Laws

Acts are supplemented by regulations. They are intended to assist an individual in applying the concepts of the primary act by linking to current acts. They're essentially rigid rules, and breaking them isn't really punishable in court. Regulatory law applies to legislation enacted by an executive branch entity with the approval of the legislature. Regulation, as well as primary and secondary laws, are discussed. Regulatory law differs from procedural law, which is enacted by the legislature, to civil law, or case law, which is enacted by the judiciary.


Our services in this area include

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Registration of Companies
  • Proprietorship Company
  • Partnership Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • Limited Company
  • Security Law Advisory
  • Advisory and opinion
  • Handling investment related issues of investors including Funds such as FPI’s, AIF’s FVCF’s Etc.,
  • Registration and Advisory for AIF, REITS and Other Funds etc.,
  • Appeals Before Appropriate Authority and Tribunals.
  • Compounding and Settlement Advisory.
  • Legal Assistances SEBI, Investigation Inspection and Adjudication.
  • Security Law Audit.
  • Regulatory Compliances.
  • Annual Compliances.
  • Event base Compliances.
  • Advisory & Assistance.
  • To conduct research work in those areas where the parent company is engaged.
  • To undertake export and import trading activities etc.
  • To promote all possible technical and financial collaborations between the Indian and overseas companies.
  • Rendering professional or consultancy services.
  • Rendering services in IT and development of software the country.
  • Rendering all sort of technical supports to the products supplied by the parent/ Group companies. Foreign airlines or shipping companies.


We at White Code Legal, understand the Regulatory Complexity which comes along with the company day to functions and Disputes practice. We have exceptional teams & expertise to handle disputes in relation to the companies. We are well-equipped to take on the most complex and difficult engagements. Regulatory and financial matters are dealt with by our experienced lawyers in order to ensure overall legal compliance.