Drafting & Documentation Outsourcing

Drafting & Documentation

We can function as your back office and efficiently manage your legal drafting, documentation or analysis requirements. We have a team of qualified lawyers who are specially certified/skilled in legal drafting and legal analysis. We can assist you with the following legal drafting & documentation outsourcing:

Drafting legal pleadings, discovery & other documents related to litigation

Preparing discovery documents and pleadings for the review of trial attorneys

Analyzing and organizing legal information

Preparing subpoenas and deposition notices

Drafting deposition questions and outlines

Drafting stipulations and motions

Preparing interrogatories

Reviewing, organizing and indexing legal documents

Analyzing responses to discovery requests

Preparing responses

Drafting discovery documents

Drafting briefs and legal memoranda

Maintaining files

Performing legal & non-legal research

Legal work involved with investigations, outside vendors etc

Developing a computerized information retrieval system

Drafting complaints and summons

Drafting responsive pleadings and answers

Drafting correspondences

Second opinion and edit pre-drafted agreements

Proofreading agreements and drafts