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Legal Audit and/or Legal Due Diligence is an examination over many aspects of the company including but not limited in structure of the shareholders, licenses, assets, and company agreements with the third parties, insurance, etc. The Company could use the Legal Audit result in determining business strategy for present or in the future especially in legal perspective, for an External Parties (third parties) could use the Legal Audit result in determining to promote legal relationship or corporate action with the said Company.

Legal Risk Audit & Assurance

Our Legal Risk Audit & Assurance Procedure involves the following audits.

  • Corporate Compliance & Key Management Risk Audit
  • Intellectual Property Risk Audit
  • Human Resources and Labor Compliances Risk Audit
  • Insurances Risk Audit
  • Contracts & Agreements Risk & Audit
  • Lawsuits, Notices & Legal Risk Audit
  • Cyber/IT/Software Compliances Risk Audit
  • Properties - Movable & Immovable Risk Audit
  • Major Accounts Payables & Receivables Risk Audit
  • Arbitration & ADR Procedures Risk Audit
  • ROC/Secretarial - Compliances Risk Audit
  • ROC/Secretarial- Governance Review Risk Audit
  • Income Tax Risk Audit
  • Goods And Services Tax Risk Audit

Benefits of Risk Audit

  • Prevent Litigation & Damages
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Reliability of financial and management reporting
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Safeguarding of Assets
  • Eliminate under or over auditing
  • Identify high risk areas of more work
  • Improved transparency & credibility

Our legal audit experts analyse every aspect of company and provide you with efficient results.