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The Firm’s Patent Attorneys communicate with the clients to learn the facts and issues, identify legal options for proceeding and assessing, and communicating the business risks associated with the options for proceeding, so that the client can adequately weigh the business risks and promptly make an informed decision in the marketplace.

Patent law protects inventions. By filing and obtaining a patent the inventor of a product receives a monopoly on the commercial exploitation and use of a product for up to 20 years. Patents can protect the functional features of a process, machine, manufactured item, asexually reproduced plant, or composition of matter, for example. Trademark law protects words, phrases, logos or symbols used to distinguish one product from another. In circumstances where a competitor uses a protected trademark, the holder of the trademark can go to court and obtain an injunction to stop the use. Copyright law protects the creators of expressive works, such as artists, photographers, writers, and musicians, and gives them the exclusive right to protect how their works are used.

The firm caters to all these needs of the clients and ensures proper protection of their intellectual property.