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Brief overview on Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is a body of law that establishes the role, powers, and function of various institutions within a state, including the president, legislature, and judiciary, as well as citizen’s basic rights. The constitution provides the primary basis for identifying basic democratic concepts, establishing the structure, procedures, powers, and duties of government agencies, as well as laying out fundamental privileges, directive principles, and citizen responsibilities.


Our services in this area include

  • Filings of Writ Petitions
  1. Habeas Corpus
  2. Mandamus
  3. Prohibition
  4. Certiorari
  5. Quo Warranto 
  • Filing of Appeal Cases
  • Public Interest Litigation (PIL)
  • Special Leave Petitions
  • Review and Revision


We at White Code Legal, understand the Complex Rudimentary Constitutional issues and the aspect of Fundamental Right issues. All constitutional matters are dealt with by our experienced lawyers in order to ensure overall legal enforcement.