Admiralty & Maritime Law

Admiralty & Maritime Law

Our services are not limited to only domestic clients but also global B2B and B2C entities who indulge in daily activities of sailing of cargo ships and passengers on seas and oceans, businesses that are marine based and the international shipping industry. It is necessary for those who indulge in such cautious activities to abide by necessary regulations imposed by the laws and treaties enforced to govern nautical and private maritime disputes. These disputes usually involve multi-national marine jurisdictions and we help our clients adhere to the latest international maritime laws to enable smooth functioning of commercial activities across jurisdictions.

Key regulatingauthorities:

International Maritime Laws

Navigational rights

Multi-lateral pacts

International treaties

Key focus areas:

Contracts entered for carriage

Marine Insurance

Cruise lines and Passenger ships

Issues pertaining to repair, construction, sale or purchase of ships

Ship registration and mortgage

Marine pollution and environment disputes


We at WCL understand the cost that goes into shipping and cargo licenses and other allied activities due to which our associates are experts who shall make sure the solutions provided are cost and time effective. All legal, operational, financial and commercial issues are dealt with by our experienced lawyers in order to ensure overall legal compliance.