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Brief overview on Criminal Laws

The body of legislation that deals with crime is known as criminal law. It forbids activity that is considered to be threatening, disruptive, or otherwise endangering to the land, health, life, or spiritual wellbeing of others, including itself.Crimes such as felonies and misdemeanours are governed by criminal law. Offenses against the state are often referred to as crimes. The word "criminal law" refers to offences on which a penalty can be imposed. Judicial Procedure, on the other hand, refers to the procedure for enforcing criminal rules.


Our services in this area include

  • Legal Assistance in filing of criminal Complaints.
  • Legal Assistance in Bailable and Non-Bailable cases
  • Criminal Court Trials & Special Court Trials
  • Criminal appeals before High Courts & SupremeCourt


We at White Code Legal handle all Criminal Related Disputes. We are well-equipped to take on the most complex and difficult engagements. Our seasoned attorneys / advocates handle all criminal litigation matters and ensure overall legal compliance.