Fee Structure

Patent & Copyright Custom
Total : 10000/- INR

Intellectual property and copyright are sectors that involve high levels of security considering the amount of global recognition and importance given to such actors of trade and commercial activity worldwide. The advent of technology has made intellectual property and copyright more prone to theft and modification. Hence, a comprehensive knowledge of customs protection of IPR is required to protect legal rights and interests in cross-border trading to prevent counterfeited cargos in the international markets. Customs in this context refers to protection and prevention of export and import of cargo that infringer Intellectual Property Rights. Counterfeiting weakens the benefits to the innovator of the property. These type of properties influence consumer interests and stay out of the watch of the tax authorities.

The types of IPRs protected by The ministry of Indirect Tax and Customs is Patents, trademarks, geographical indications, copyrights and designs. Section 11 of the Customs Act prohibits transfer of any good that violates the IPR Laws. These prohibitions are subjected to Intellectual Property Rights (Imported goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007.

Where we step in:

We help our clients with the legal aspects of recording their Intellectual property and Copyrights with customs at an efficient cost. All procedures including government fee etc. is inclusive in the service we provide. The procedure required is:

1) An application for recording of valid IPR or Copyright

2) Filling up of online forms and submission of Ids and proofs

3) Obtaining a Unique Temporary Registration Number (UTRN)

4) The relevant documents submitted to the IPR Cell of Custom House along with UTRN

5) Obtaining Unique Permanent Registration no. (UPRN) confirming the recordation.

6) Hard copies of the above documents to be submitted to the customs office

7) Demand Draft Rs.2000 to commissioner of customs.

8) Signing of Indemnity Bond

This is indicative price only.