Human Resources

Fee Structure

Consultancy Agreement
Total : 8500/- INR

The HR consultancy contract provides for the specification of work to be placed in a schedule to this agreement on the first time it is used. All later assignments of work will automatically be subject to this contract without specific mention. There is little statute law in this consultancy agreement. It depends on basic contract law and tort.

Alternatives to this HR consultancy agreement

1) for a corporate consultancy to offer to its client (this contract)

2) for a single consultant working alone or with colleagues or sub-contractors

Contents of this agreement

1) Definitions and interpretation

2) Preliminary legal matters

3) Consultant's status

4) Contract summary and payment

5) Work management procedure

6) Consultant's obligations

7) Option for use of sub-contractors

8) Confidentiality

9) Intellectual property ownership

10) New intellectual property

11) Option for no competition (if your client insists)

12) Limitation of your liability

13) Duration and termination

14) Mutual indemnity

15) Other legal provisions

16) Publicity / Announcements

17) Miscellaneous matters