Copyright & Design

Fee Structure

Copyright Registration
Total : 10000/- INR

Copyright is a right given by the law to makers of abstract, emotional, music and artisans' works and makers of cinematography and sound accounts. Indeed, it is a heap of rights including, inter alia, privileges of propagation, communication to people in general, adjustment and interpretation of the work. There could be slight varieties in the creation of the rights relying upon the work. Copyright guarantees certain base shields of the privileges of creators over their manifestations, subsequently ensuring and remunerating inventiveness. Innovativeness being the cornerstone of advancement, no cultivated society can bear to disregard the fundamental prerequisite of empowering the equivalent. Financial and social advancement of a general public is reliant on inventiveness. The security given by copyright to the endeavours of scholars, craftsmen, planners, writers, performers, modellers and makers of sound chronicles, cinematograph movies and PC programming, makes it helpful for innovativeness, which prompts them to make increasingly and persuades others to make.

Copyright Registration Procedure

1) Application for registration is to be made on as prescribed in the first schedule to the Rules;

2) Separate applications should be made for registration of each work;

3) Each application should be accompanied by the requisite fee prescribed in the second schedule to the Rules ; and

4) The applications should be signed by the applicant or the advocate in whose favour a Vakalatnama or Power of Attorney has been executed. The Power of Attorney signed by the party and accepted by the advocate should also be enclosed.