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Fee Structure

Add a Director
Total : 3000/- INR

A company director can be appointed at any time after incorporation. The memorandum of incorporation state the minimum and maximum number of director a company needs. New directors may be elected by the boards of directors on the vacancy or when company wants to add any director. A director may be appointed by the Board of Directors, unless the Memorandum requires shareholder approval. Vacancy arises when any director

1) Resign or dies

2) Ceases to hold office

3) Became incapable

4) is removed

The process of appointing a company director is very simple and can be carried out online or by post. Company members will decide who to appoint and the powers with which they will be granted. Following are some details that need to be submitted to the Companies House

1) Company name

2) Company registration number (CRN)

3) Date of appointment

4) Title, full forename(s) and surname, including any former name(s)

5) Date of birth

6) Residential address

7) Occupation

8) Nationality