Corporate Compliance & Advisory

Enterprise Suite (Customised)

Enterprise Suite is a tailor made service designed to cater to the special needs of start-ups, small, medium & large companies. As the global market is emerging its offering huge business opportunities and with the trend moving towards start-ups. Start-ups are coming up with unique affordable concepts. The laws making bodies and the regulatory authorities are also keeping up with the need for new legislations and regulations making it complex for young entrepreneurs to keep up with such change while building a business.

Starting a business requires multiple services from multiple professionals who are experts in their specific fields making it difficult for the entrepreneurs to focus on developing a business and ensuring that its compliant with all the applicable laws to secure the interest of the company. Having understood this our team of experts have designed the Enterprise Suite Services where the Companies can choose the services from our list of services and we could create a tailor made package to deliver the services requested by the clients.

Services Include

  • Company Registration Services
  • Licences and Registrations
  • Change in Business
  • Intellectual Property Rights (Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Designs)
  • Taxation
  • ROC & Secretarial Services
  • Business Contracts
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Corporate Compliance Consulting
  • Risk Audit
  • Court Litigation Management
  • Payrolls
  • POSH
  • Arbitration & other ADR Services