Family Office Services

Family Office Services

 Family office service are considered by many families as a way to help them meet their financial needs, it helps these families have greater control over their wealth. Apart from this, Family Office Services also allows these families to take care of their business affairs much more efficiently. Apart from assisting the families with administrative support, Family Office Service also overlooks the family’s investment and help meet their financial and lifestyle needs. 

These Family Office’s usually are established as means to serve multiple generations, and multiple needs. A fine-tuned family office works up a strategy to help these families reach their goals.

Why Family Office Services?

  • Assists in Protecting Family Wealth
  • Ease in management of funds and investments
  • Assists in recording and generational transition 
  • Manages personal affairs of the family members

We offer a comprehensive  Multi Family Office Services which include

i) Wealth & Investment Management,

ii) Compliance & Risk Management,

iii) Banking & Insurance Management,

iv) Debt Management,

v) Family Governance, Values & Legacy,

vi) Will, Succession & Estate Planning,

vii) Legal & Tax Management,

viii) Family Business & Asset management

ix) Philanthropic Management and

x) other Specialized Services as per requirement.

We also offer goal specific services and families may choose all (comprehensive) or any of the following services.

Financial planning

Investment management services

  •  Evaluation of the overall financial situation
  •  Determining the investment objectives and philosophy of the family
  •  Determining risk profiles and investment horizons
  •  Asset allocation determining mix between capital market and non-capital market investing
  •  Supporting banking relationships
  •  Managing liquidity for the family
  •  Providing due diligence on investments and external managers

Philanthropic management

  •  Philanthropic planning and strategy
  •  Assistance with establishment and administration of charitable institutions
  •  Guidance in planning a donation strategy
  •  Advice on technical and operational management of charities
  •  Formation of grant-making foundations and trusts
  •  Organizing charitable activities and related due diligence
  •  Customized services for estate settlement and administration
  •  Professional guidance on family governance
  •  Professional guidance regarding wealth transfer to succeeding generations

Life management and budgeting

  •  Club (golf, private, etc.) memberships
  •  Management of holiday properties, private jets and yachts
  •  Budget services, including wealth reviews, analysis of short and medium term liquidity requirements and long-term objectives

Training and education

  •  Organizing family meetings
  •  Ensuring family education commitments
  •  Coordination of generational education with outside advisors


Business and financial advisory

  •  Debt syndication
  •  Promoter financing
  •  Bridge financing
  •  Structured financing
  •  Private equity
  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  •  Management buyouts
  •  Business development

Estate and wealth transfer

  •  Wealth protection, transfer analysis and planning related to management of all types of assets and income sources
  •  Bank statement reconciliation
  •  Employee management and benefits
  •  Legal referrals and management of legal firms
  •  Public relations referrals and management of public relations firms
  •  Technology systems referrals and management of these vendors
  •  Compliance and control management

Succession planning

  •  Continuity planning relating to unanticipated disruptions in client leadership
  •  Evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) of senior executives both within and outside the family
  •  Re-evaluation of family board regarding roles of non-family directors
  •  Structuring of corporate social responsibility platforms and programs
  •  Development of formal knowledge sharing and training programs
  •  Implementation of intergenerational estate transfer plans
  •  Adoption of a family charter or constitution, specifically aiming to
  •  Formalize the agreed structure and mission of the family business
  •  Define roles and responsibilities of family and non-family members
  •  Develop policies and procedures in line with family values and goals
  •  Determine process to resolve critical business-related family disputes


Reporting and record keeping

  •  Consolidating and reporting all family assets
  •  Consolidating performance reporting
  •  Benchmark analysis
  •  Annual performance reporting
  •  Maintaining an on-line reporting system
  •  Tax preparation and reporting
  •  Cash Management
  •  Budgeting & forecasting analysis

Administrative services

  •  Support on general legal issues
  •  Payment of invoices and taxes, and arranging tax compliance
  •  Bill payment and review of expenses for authorization
  •  Banking


  •  Concierge services
  •  Property management
  •  Collections management
  •  Family Education


  •  Social media
  •  Technology platform & controls
  •  Cloud computing
  •  Family & business information continuity

Tax and legal advisory

  •  Construct a tax plan that best suits the family
  •  Design investment and estate planning strategies that take into account both investment and non-investment income sources and their tax implications
  •  Ensure all parts of the family office are tax compliant
  •  Monitoring & oversight of outside counsels
  •  Document preparation
  •  Contractual review
  •  Contract oversight
  •  Litigation oversight & planning

Compliance and regulatory assistance

  •  Providing auditing services for internal issues
  •  Establishing a corporate governance mechanism
  •  Ensuring a high level of staff hiring
  •  Group performance monitoring and compliance
  •  Offering recommendations on independent and board advisory formation
  •  Strengthening the regulatory investment process

Risk management and insurance services

  •  Risk analysis, measurement and reporting
  •  Assessment of insurance requirements, policy acquisition and monitoring
  •  Evaluation of existing policies and titling of assets
  •  Evaluation of security options for clients and property
  •  Formulation of disaster recovery options and plans
  •  Protection of assets, which could involve the use of offshore accounts
  •  Development of strategies to ensure hedging of concentrated investment positions
  •  Physical security of the family
  •  Data security and confidentiality
  •  Review of social media policy and development of reputation management strategy