Foreign Business Consulting

International Trade Consulting

Trade between companies of different origin are growing exponentially and this global expansion comes with increased regulatory requirements while dealing with Companies of foreign origin. A strong team of advisors and professional experts are required to be compliant with international rules and regulations while initiating international business.

We at White Code, understand aspects of Incorporation/Management of an International business entity including laying down its aims, objectives and vision. This service is offered to those enterprises whose aim is to build capital through international trade. Our associates are available to provide assistance from the very beginning when the business starts dealing in international money. We provide guidance from the stepping stones of entering into the wide market, its legal approvals and compliances to the stage where the business has set its foot and needs a step up on its performance and wants to earn greater returns. Our services do not only limit to giving advice on trading but also ensure compliance with international regulations along with strategic planning, market research, due diligence, business set up and local assistance, incentives and procedures.

Our Scope of Services:

International Trade

International Transportation

Customs clearance

Taxation of International Trade Activities

International criminal law.

International Regulations and Compliance