Mergers & Acquisitions

Fee Structure

Total : 5000/- INR

Corporate Mergers (Global)

A merger requires strategic planning to conclude a transaction that combines one Company with another to form a single legal entity. If the transaction is completed successfully yields financial rewards but comes with a number of thorny challenges. The process is complex and requires thorough due diligence, with the trend moving towards aggressive deals and quick mergers in a short timeline has increased the chances of the stakeholders overlooking key compliances. The process of merger is crucial and requires the support of Legal & Tax professionals to ensure that the transaction is concluded in compliance with all the applicable laws.  


White Code Legal and tax team of professionals and experts assist companies in pre-merger due diligence, Negotiations, Closing the merger, Post Closing Activities, and Risk Management to ensure compliance with ongoing compliances and governances.


Our Services Include:

1. Tax & legal due diligence.

2. Tax & legal structuring of the transactions.

3. Full support during Merger of companies and groups.

4. Post-transaction integration services.

5. Legal advisory services after the Merger.

6. Transfer pricing.

7. Tax Audit Services.

8. Legal Assistances on Income Tax of companies on the aspect of Pre-Merger.