Corporate Audits & Assurance

Fee Structure

Corporate Special Purpose Audits (Consultation Per Hour)
Total : 25000/- INR

Corporate Special Purpose Audit

As the commerce is increasing and markets are expanding globally to fulfil the global demand. The Legal and regulatory compliances have increased and have become more complicated in the modern world. This complexity has made it vital for companies to have audit to stay on top of multiple risk factors. Companies that so audit are better equipped to manage risk and avoid any damage to the company’s reputation. A company that implements mandatory requirement of third-party risk audit, safeguard their integrity through risk management, visibly takes on responsibility and befits from this in its dealings with business partners and consumers. The Companies can also verify through neutral third party that certain level of excellence is maintained throughout the entire audit.

We at White Code are equipped with a team of experts and professionals with in depth knowledge in regulatory compliances and can do the auditing, evaluating and certifying the Company to ensure that they are compliant with all applicable laws. Our team of experts and professionals are experienced in global trends, national and international regulatory requirements and work continuous to update their skills to provide best advice and audit services across globe. We provide our audit services in major sectors and industries.  Our experts share their knowledge in international sectors and updated themselves with the new regulations that can benefit our customers.

 Our Audit Procedure involves the following audits.

  • Corporate Compliance & Key Management Risk Audit
  • Intellectual Property Risk Audit
  • Human Resources and Labor Compliances Risk Audit
  • Insurances Risk Audit
  • Contracts & Agreements Risk & Audit
  • Lawsuits, Notices & Legal Risk Audit
  • Cyber/IT/Software Compliances Risk Audit
  • Properties - Movable & Immovable Risk Audit
  • Major Accounts Payables & Receivables Risk Audit
  • Arbitration & ADR Procedures Risk Audit
  • ROC/Secretarial - Compliances Risk Audit
  • ROC/Secretarial- Governance Review Risk Audit
  • Income Tax Risk Audit
  • Goods And Services Tax Risk Audit

Benefits of Special Purpose Audit

  • Prevent Litigation & Damages
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Reliability of financial and management reporting
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Safeguarding of Assets
  • Eliminate under or over auditing
  • Identify high risk areas of more work
  • Improved transparency & credibility