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Do you know that more than 300000 Companies in India are under the scanner for money laundering activities? Do you agree that no company is immune from Scandals? How safe is your company?

Do you know that many companies despite having excellent SOPs, Risk Audits from top consultants, best internal & external Legal & Tax Professionals are still paying the heavy price?

Do you want to prevent your company from high risks & from scanner of CBI, ED, ACB, SFIO, IT & Other authorities and be profitable, credible and growing?

It is a very serious concern that More than 300000 Companies in India are under the scanner for money laundering activities. These corporates have strict SOPs, Risk Audits from top Consultants, best internal & external legal & tax professionals and are still facing the problems.

Corporates are paying heavy price and getting in to huge risks, litigations, scandals & losses due to lapses at various levels. Investors, Promoters & Key management of the companies are the ultimate victims of compliance issues, insider tradings, money laundering activities, Kickback frauds and so on. Risk Audits by best consultants have not saved majority corporates from criminal cases. Established corporate leaders are becoming scapegoats of corporate scandals, insider trading and internal lapses which are leading to criminal litigations, loss of reputation and incur severe damages.

With the help & efforts of various industry experts, we have designed Corporate Scandal Proofing Solutions to prevent companies from scandals, risk & litigation and increase reputation, credibility & profits.

Risk Management Vs Sandal Proofing, Know the difference for better protection

  • Corporate Risks are different from Corporate Scandals.
  • Risk Audits & Management cannot prevent Scandals.
  • Its a proven fact that Gold standard Risk Consulting, Outdated Risk Audits & forensic accounting services were not successful in preventing companies from scandals & litigations.

No corporate is immune to Corporate Scandals. Max Minimizing is Key

Reputation is everything for Corporate Leaders. Prevent Your Company from Corporate frauds, money laundering activities, white collar crimes, insider tradings & corporate high risks with scandal proofing solutions. Let the best industry experts Scandal Proof your Company.

For the 1st time in India, "360' Corporate Scandal Proofing Solutions"

Preventing . Investigating . Troubleshooting

  • Money Laundering Activities
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Insider Trading
  • Corporate Frauds
  • Insider Tradings, by following the below methods.

Our 4 Stage Corporate Scandal Proofing Process

Stage 1: Understanding Corporate & Strategizing Scandal Proofing

In consultation with the top management, we understand and prepare Risk Assessment and scandal proofing strategy

  • Domain & Industry
  • Departments, Committees & Heads
  • 3rd Parties & Supply Chain
  • Operations Cycle
  • Vendors & Suppliers
  • Investors & Stakeholders
  • Contracts & Records management
  • Business Complexity
  • Multi Jurisdictions
  • Splitting the Business Cycle flow
  • Capital & Investments Cycle
  • Product/Service Design, Development
  • Product/Service Execution & Delivery
  • Product/Service Quality
  • Profit/Loss History & Reports
  • Legal & Existential Threats
  • Major complaints & cases

Stage 2: Risk Strategy & Risk Audit

Our Risk Strategy & Audit procedure encompasses four elements:

  1. Operational risk audit & assessment: Operational damages or other risks that can’t be planned for.
  2. Financial risk audit & assessment: Emerges from the effects of markets on an entity’s assets; this includes risks to credit, price and liquidity
  3. Strategic risk audit & assessment: Thinking about the bigger picture and the future of the company.
  4. Core high risk audit & assessment: This is split into 16 assignments as below and executed.
  • Assignment 1: Corporate Compliance & Key Management
  • Assignment 2: Statutory, Licenses And Registrations
  • Assignment 3: Intellectual Property Compliance
  • Assignment 4: Human Resources & Labor Compliances
  • Assignment 5: Insurances Compliance
  • Assignment 6: Contracts & Agreements
  • Assignment 7: Lawsuits, Notices & Other Legal Compliances
  • Assignment 8: Cyber/IT/Software Compliances
  • Assignment 9: Assets/Properties (Movable & Immovable)
  • Assignment 10: Major Account Payable & Receivables
  • Assignment 11: Arbitration & ADR Procedures
  • Assignment 12: ROC/Secretarial - Compliances
  • Assignment 13: Secretarial & Governance Review
  • Assignment 14: Direct & Indirect Taxation Review
  • Assignment 15: Statutory Audit Review
  • Assignment 16: Other Audits Based on Corporate Profile

Stage 3: Assessment, Research, Intelligence & Investigations 

Assessing the Risk

Based on the result of risk assessment, or on the basis of corporate inputs, we research & investigate and provide reports. We engage our subsidiary companies, third party consultants, private & retired professionals and other concerned after evaluating the risks to investigate and troubleshoot the risks.

Based on Research on Audits, Assessment & Review, we

  • Identify the Risk
  • Analyze the Risk
  • Evaluate the Risk
  • Monitor the Risk

Corporate Intelligence & Investigations

  • Insider Trading & Frauds
  • Cyber Crime & Cyber Terrorism
  • Money Laundering
  • Corruption & Bribery
  • External Professionals, Vendors Frauds
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Management & Business Partners Frauds
  • Intellectual Property Frauds
  • Kick Back Frauds
  • Insurance & Banking Frauds
  • Investments & Security Frauds
  • Supply Chain /3rd Party Frauds
  • Cyber & IT Frauds
  • Human Rights Abuse
  • Real Estate & Property Frauds
  • Others Steps Based on Corporate Profile

Stage 4: Treating, Troubleshooting & Dispute Resolution

After Assessing the investigation reports, we choose the applicable

  • Treat the Risk
  • Avoid the Risk
  • Reduce the Risk
  • Transfer or Share the Risk
  • Accept the Risk

Based on the investigation report or at the request of the corporate and after thorough consultation with top management, we troubleshoot risks, litigations and key aspects and plan dispute resolution.

Pre & Post Litigation Dispute Resolution Planning


  • Analyzing Potential Legal issues & Threats 
  • Strategizing risk reduction planning
  • Planning workarounds or resolutions
  • Planning Tactical Actions/Responses
  • Settlement or Dispute Resolution Planning
  • Notifying Necessary Decision Makers/Authorities

Post Litigation

  • Identifying loopholes, legal errors & seriousness
  • Thorough Legal Research
  • Evidence & Witness Research
  • Case Analysis & Case Strengthening
  • Knowhow & Documentation research
  • Opinions with industry experts & retired professionals
  • Settlement or Dispute Resolution Planning
  • Others Steps Based on Corporate Profile