Mergers & Acquisitions

Fee Structure

Total : 5000/- INR

Corporate Acquisitions (Global)


Acquisitions require strategic planning and implementation to conclude a transaction that combines one Company with another to form a single legal entity. If the transaction is completed successfully yields financial rewards but comes with a number of thorny challenges. The process is complex and requires thorough due diligence, with the trend moving towards aggressive deals and quick Acquisitions in short timelines have increased the chances of the stakeholders overlooking key compliances. The process of Acquisitions is crucial and requires the support of Legal & Tax professionals to ensure that the transaction is concluded in compliance with all the applicable laws.  


White Code Legal and tax team of professionals and experts assist companies in Pre-Acquisitions due diligence, Valuation, Negotiations, Closing the Acquisitions, Post Acquisition Activities, and Risk Management to ensure compliance with ongoing compliances and governances.


Our Services Include:

1. Tax & legal due diligence.

2. Tax & legal structuring of the transactions.

3. Full support during Acquisition of companies and groups.

4. Post-transaction integration services.

5. Legal advisory services after the Acquisition.

6. Transfer pricing.

7. Tax Audit Services.

8. Legal Assistances on Income Tax of companies on the aspect of Pre Acquisition.