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Corporate Valuation Services

In today’s market where startup companies are growing business valuation has a huge significance. Business Valuation is taken into account before corporate financing, Acquisitions, Disposals, Mergers, Demergers, winding up, etc. Business Valuations could also be required for statutory compliances such as Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Companies Act, Indian Bankruptcy Code, and other laws.

Business Valuation is impacted by a multitude of factors such as the industry of the Company, Jurisdiction, the stage of development, and the source of investment. A Business Valuation report shows the past financials and the future growth and projected financials of the business by using different methods of valuation. The process of business valuation is complex creating the demand for experts and professionals with an in-depth understanding of internal and external factors affecting business and the legal and regulatory compliances applicable to the business. For a valuation report to be accepted it needs to thoroughly analyze the financial, non-financial, and other data such as industry, geography, etc. 

There are various methods of ascertaining valuation for a business or an asset such as:

  1. Discounted Cash Flow Method
  2. Multiple of Earnings
  3. Asset-Based Value
  4. Comparative Transaction Method 

The valuation of each company is unique due to various factors that affect the valuation of the Company such as:

  1. Geographical area of the business
  2. Revenue Split between Geographies
  3. Economy Size & Growth of the main revenue sources 
  4. Size of Target Market
  5. Size of the Industry
  6. Market Captured by the Company
  7. Business Model adopted by the Company 
  8. Is the Company disruptive?
  9. How scalable is the current business model?

White Code deploys experts and professionals with practical and market experience to research and delivers accurate, defensible valuation data which can enhance the business of a company.