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Private Equity Consulting

Private Equity is a form of investment where the investors invest the funds in a private company, or in buyouts of public companies, resulting in delisting of public equity. Institutional and retail investors provide capital for private equity and capital can be utilized to fund new technology, acquisitions, expanding working capital, etc for an extended time period. Investment of private equity comes with risk but gives better returns than public equity markets and the investor gets ownership in the Company has the power to influence the company decisions. 

White Code has a group of professionals and experts with experience and skills to analysis the potential growth markets and understand the risk involved with investing. We advise our clients to make an informed decision by proving them market reports and future projections of the industry they are looking to invest in and assist them to perform due diligence and advise them on the centre and state regulations to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities.

Services Include

  1. Legal Assistances Implementation of finance and accounting infrastructure or augmentation of current competencies.
  2. Audit readiness including memorandum preparation and other proforma document assistance Legal Assistances.
  3. Legal Assistances Review, evaluation and organization of financial and accounting records for compliance.
  4. Advisory Accounting and Reporting Services.
  5. Advisory Investor Services.
  6. Advisory Treasury Services.
  7. Legal Assistances Indian Tax Compliance Services.
  8. Management Company Services Legal Assistances.
  9. Advisory Regulatory Support Services.
  10. Legal Advisory Professional Services.