Alternative Dispute Resolution

Fee Structure

Total : 5000/- INR



Arbitration is a  form of Alternate Dispute Resolution wherein a dispute is submitted by agreement between the parties to the arbitrators, who make a binding decision on the dispute. By choosing Arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of litigation.

It is a form of binding dispute resolution which is contract-based. Basically, a party’s right to refer a dispute to arbitration completely depends on the existence of an arbitration agreement between them and the other parties to the dispute that the dispute may be referred to Arbitration. By entering into an arbitration agreement, the parties agree to refer their dispute to a neutral tribunal to decide their rights and obligations. One of the attractions of arbitration is that it is easier to enforce an award than it is to enforce a court judgment. 

Features of Arbitration

  • Arbitration is Consensual
  • The parties choose the Arbitrator(s)
  • Arbitration is Neutral
  • Arbitration is a Confidential procedure
  • The award is Final and Easy to Enforce.

Arbitration can take place in India or abroad when the arbitration proceedings, the subject matter of the contract and the merits of the dispute are governed by respective contracts & laws.  White Code facilitates international and domestice arbitrations through its sister concern organization "VIA Mediation & Arbitration Centre"