Court Litigation / Trial Court(s) Matters - Civil/Family/Other / Jr/Sr Division (Taluk)


  • Suit/Appeals for Nuisance
  • Suit/Appeals for Abatement
  • Suit/Appeals for Defamation
  • Suit/Appeals for Civil Damages
  • Suit/Appeals for Trespass
  • Suit/Appeals for House Rent Control.
  • Suit/Appeals for Partition of Immovable Property
  • Suit/Appeals for Recovery Matter
  • Suit/Appeals for Specific Performance of Contract.
  • Suit/Appeals for Suit for Declaration
  • Suit/Appeals based on Promissory Note
  • Suit/Appeals based on Eviction and possession
  • Suit/Appeals based on Property Succession



  • Issues of Legal Notice.
  • Petitions/Appeals related to Divorce
  • Petitions/Appeals related to Restitution of Conjugal Rights
  • Petitions/Appeals related to Maintenance
  • Petitions/Appeals related to Nullification of Marriage
  • Petitions/Appeals related to Legal Separation
  • Petitions/Appeals related to Domestic Violence’s / Mental Harassment
  • Petitions/Appeals related to Custody of Child
  • Petition/Appeals related to Adoption Petition/Appeals
  • Family Counselling

We at White Code Legal, based on the jurisdiction and nature of the respective case, engage internal / external expert associates and provide overall legal assistance.