Court Marriage

Court Marriage

Court Marriage is the term which indicates the legalization of marriage. In India, every marriage has to be legalized. To be more specific, Court Marriage means legal authorization of marriage between two people belonging to two different religions, according to the Special Marriage Act 1954. Even those who belong to same religion may also choose court marriage. So, Court marriage means getting married in court which makes that marriage legal.


1) Notice of Intended marriage Applying at the marriage registration office

2) Publication of Notice Officer publishes it at this office and at the local office

3) Objections to Marriage Any objections will be received within 30 days before marriage according to the act in chapter II section 4.

4) The signing of Declaration Declaration by both bride and groom

5) Place of Marriage Place can be other or the one that belongs to the bride or groom

6) Certificate of Marriage Certificate will be issued by the authorities