Legal Debt Management & Collections

Fee Structure

Customized Consultation
Total : 5000/- INR

Commercial Debts (B2B)
  • Overdue Export and Import Bills
  • Unpaid Service bills/Invoices
  • Unreturned Advance payments / non-shipment
  • Breach of contracts / sale & service agreements
Consumer Debts (B2C)
  • International Credit Cards
  • International Hospital and medical bills
  • Unpaid fees and rentals
  • Unpaid bills/Invoices
  • Overpaid salaries
Our Legal Debt Management & Collection is facilitated through the following methods:
Pre-Litigation LokAdalat/Mediation
  • LokAdalat For Amicable Settlement Of Claim
  • Mediation Under Commercial Courts Act
Enforcement Of Interim Awards U/S
17 Of Arbitration Act
  • Filing For Application For Enforcement In Court/S
  • Conducting Attachment Process
Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code
  • Issue Of Demand Notice
  • Filing Of Application Before Tribunals
  • Filing Of Claims Before Resolution Professionals
  • Initiation Of Liquidation Proceedings.
Proceedings Under Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Issuing Notice
  • Initiating Criminal Complaints
  • Services Of Summons
  • Execution Of Warrants
  • Conducting Conciliation Camps
Execution Of Awards And Decrees
  • Initiate And File Execution Application For Enforcement Of Final Award
  • Identify Borrower / Co-Borrowers / Guarantors, Moveable / Immoveable Properties Belonging To Them
  • Negotiate With Borrower For Settlement
  • Attach The Properties Through The Bailiff/Court
  • Conduct Process Of Sale Such As Valuation, Advertisement, Auction Etc
  • Taking All Possible Steps For The Recovery
Enforcement Of Securities
  • Initiating Application Before District Magistrate For Enforcement Of Securities Under SARFAESI.
  • Assistance For Taking Possession Of Assets
  • Identify Buyers To Secure Maximum Value Of The Assets
  • Conducting Sale Process
  • Follow Ups And Negotiations
Our legal debt management and approach:
  • We take a soft but firm approach for debt recovery without jeopardizing client's existing business relations with their debtor.
  • We focus on amicable and alternative solutions that save client's time and money.
  • We give dispute identification, notification and resolutions the highest priority.
  • We work closely with client to resolve disputes and issues.
  • We monitor the execution of solutions arrived at with extreme diligence.
  • We ensure professionalism while interacting with client and their debtor.
  • We appoint a dedicated client service representative to stay focused on the collection process.
Our legal debt collection strategies:

Include tracing and verifying the address and the current status of the Debtors, following up with them regularly and even arranging face to face discussions for an Amicable Settlement by following proven principles of negotiation. We do this by

  • Bringing Parties to the Negotiation Table.
  • Identifying the problems.
  • Establishing Facts.
  • Clarifying Issues.
  • Developing Options for Settlements.
  • Ultimately reaching Agreement by getting written acknowledgement from the Debtor
  • Keep clients' relations intact.
Our Legal Debt Management process include
  • Advice on possible legal action and the expected outcome
  • Access to our legal networks including: lawyers, knowledge and expertise
  • Legal collection activities (Arbitration, court action and enforcement measures)
  • Accompanying you throughout the legal proceedings
  • Cost effective action due to preferential rates pre-negotiated with legal practices