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India-Croatia Agreement; Academic Partnership in Traditional Medicine Systems

Courtesy/By: Azra Irshad | 2021-10-11 17:49     Views : 104

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Ayush on Friday, an Agreement was signed between India and Croatia for academic partnership in traditional medical systems, particularly in the field of Ayurveda. All Institute of Ayurveda signed a memorandum of understanding with Croatia's Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster on Wednesday, All India Institute of Ayurveda comes under the Ministry of Ayush as an Autonomous Body. 

The MoU was signed by Dr. Manoj Nesari, Adviser-Ayurveda, Ministry of Ayush, on behalf of AIIA, in the presence of Special Secretary of Ayush Pramod Kumar Pathak and India's Ambassador to Croatia Raj Shrivastava. Assistant Professor Vladimir Mozetic, President of the Cluster, Irena PersicZivadinov, President of the Cluster's Management Board, and members of the Management Board made up the Croatian delegation.

"This will promote academic research, clinical and educational activities, medical education, training, and competency building," said Dr. Manoj Nesari.

The benefits of this MoU signed with Croatia: 

  • Important Step towards improving India’s relations with other countries: Through this Agreement India hopes to develop its ties with foreign nations within other sectors as well.
  • Growth and improvement of academic research: One of the most significant developments this Agreement hopes to bring in these countries is the furtherance of academic research in the field of traditional medicine including the development of clinical and educational activities
  • Development of Medical education: The standards of traditional medical education will be improved upon by carefully designing well-researched study material.
  • Efficient training and building Competency: The Agreement also aims to improve the training of these medical professionals, build competency further aiding in bringing out the best of the professionals within the field.

Cluster's mission, according to Dr. Vladimir Mozetic, is to link members with worldwide partners for health and tourism goods, as well as to educate the Association's members. Mozetic went on to say that the new partnership will assist enhance "health and tourism" in Kvarner, as well as "education training" and "strengthening competencies" with India.

In conjunction with the chosen institutions, the two countries will engage in academic activities in the field of Ayurveda. On research, there will be tight interaction and collaboration, including the implementation of study design and execution, the development of evidence-based standards for merging Ayurveda principles and practices with contemporary medicine, and the delivery of lectures, workshops, seminars, and conferences. Further, the focus will be on the development of academic standards, the courses provided will also be developed in accordance with the demands of the institution, end-users, and investors. The ayurvedic medical education guidelines for Ayurveda education in Croatia will also be developed.


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Courtesy/By: Azra Irshad | 2021-10-11 17:49

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