Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company

Every company running as a private limited company has to follow number of compliances as laid out by various statutes and other regulatory bodies. Non-compliance can bring the company to an end in extreme cases. There are two types of compliances:

Registrar Related Compliances

1) Appointment of Auditor

2) Holding Board Meeting

3) Holding Annual General Meeting

4) Filing E forms

5) Directors Report

6) Statutory registers and books of accounts

7) Circulation of Financial Statement & other Relevant Documents

Non - Registrar Related Compliances

1) Payment of periodic dues.

2) Payment of periodic returns

3) Payment of GST returns (monthly or quarterly)

4) Quarterly TDS returns

5) Assessment of advance tax liability and payment of advance tax periodically

6) Filing of income tax returns

7) Filing of tax audit report

8) Regulatory assessment of business under different acts of law.