Risk Audit & Assurance

Fee Structure

Customized Consultation
Total : 5000/- INR

Risk Audit & Assurance

We shall cater to the needs according to our pro-client policy and provide you with independent assessment where this report shall help you build trust and confidence amongst your customers, the market, the key stakeholders and other regulatory organizations. Ensuring adequate alternatives to this service, we believe in fostering a healthy relationship with our clients by providing In-house assistance to bring down your costs, Maximum transparency throughout the process.

Legal Compliances


Intellectual Property

Human Resources and Employees

Insurance & Leases

Contracts & Agreements

Lawsuits & Notices


Properties - Movable & Immovable

Collecting Accounts Receivables

Arbitration Procedures

Tax Compliances


Reports & other Compliances

Accounting standards

Financial statements


Secretarial Compliances

Governance Review

Reports & other Compliances

Benefits of Risk Audit

Prevent Litigation & Damages

Effectiveness and efficiency of operations

Reliability of financial and management reporting

Compliance with laws and regulations

Safeguarding of Assets

Eliminate under or over auditing

Identify high risk areas of more work

Improved transparency & credibility

Why White Code?

Access To Client Management System

Dedicated Client Relationship Associate

Dedicated Client Relationship Manager

Cost Effective & Personalized Services

Quick Turnaround Time

Effective Communication

Real Time Updates & Notifications