Trademark Custom

Trademark Custom

The objective of the Customs Act, 1962 is to protect the country from any infringement brought about by the entry of any foreign product or service into the domestic territory. In the context of intellectual property such as trademarks, there can exist a lot of counterfeit products that can result in infringement of the Trademarks Act 1999. The registration of IPR (Imported Goods) for Enforcement Rules, 2007 along with customs Act provides IP holders the right to record their IP with the customs office in order to prevent any form of infringement.


The owners of the IP or trademark can claim rightful ownership by issuing a notice as registered owners. This can be done either out knowledge of infringement or to sought protection for a period of one year.

Where we step in:

1) Obtaining registration certificate

2) Entering into surety and indemnity bond with Commissioner of Customs.

3) Any other document or requirement to the customs office

We ensure that the Trademark is recorded and approval is granted with due time and efficient costs.