Trademark Rectification

Trademark Rectification

Rectification is the legal procedure that is required to be followed while correcting or rectifying the application for registration of trademark. This procedure also involves rectification of registration of those trademarks that are expired or wrongly registered. The application for such rectification must be filed before the Trademark Registry where the trademark application was originally filed for obtaining approval. Pre- registration rectification is where the applicant files application for correction of clerical error or for a minor technical change.

The changes are allowed only if;

1) The amendments do not alter its use

2) The date of usage is not changed

3) Details of goods and services must not be amended with the rectification.

While the pre-registered trademark is governed by a separate procedure, the post-registered alterations are governed by separate procedures.

We assist our clients in complying with the rectification procedures for both pre and post registration of Trademarks. s