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Non-litigation service

Courtesy/By: Akshata gowda | 2019-07-11 15:56

Non-litigation is also mean that no lawsuit, which is the way of solving case without regular suit. Non litigation services are concerned with the preparation for litigation and production demands. There is growth in non litigation services. Non-litigation helps multinational companies by providing legal advice on complying with regulations and conducting mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, public listings and drafting agreements. Non-litigation also includes media law, real estate law, tax law and other relating to business operation.

Non litigation helps the people by not bring regular suit and it dissolves the dispute outside the lawsuit effectively. non-litigation service includes drafting property settlement agreements or parenting and support agreement negotiated by the parties themselves, assisting in the negotiation of and preparation of pre-nuptial agreements, representing and advising parties who are working with the another mediator to try to resolve their issues, drafting, negotiating, advising the organisation, arbitrating, doing legal work relating to property or company or firm, Application for various types of permits, Participate in business negotiations, Issue a lawyer’s letter, Legal due diligence, Company merger, Establishment, change and dissolution of wholly foreign-owned and joint venture companies, Establishment, change and dissolution of foreign representative offices, Labour legal advice, Commercial account collection, etc...

in India, non litigation is rapidly growing and the newly set up companies they themselves be an active clients to law firm and they prefer mostly no lawsuit way to dissolve the dispute between them and other party in short time of period and every organisation focus on solving the dispute through arbitration or negotiation.

Courtesy/By: Akshata gowda | 2019-07-11 15:56